Aurelia Green Ship unveils zero-emission cable layer design

Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design has unveiled a new design for a zero-emission cable laying vessel.

The Aurelia CLV zero emissions concept project was born as a proposal for shipowners committed to reducing CO2 emissions to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and also to satisfy the increase in the demand for CLV vessels due to the growing number of offshore wind turbines, the company said.

The 100-m-long multipurpose vessel is designed for a service speed of 12 knots and an operating speed of 3 knots, with a modular construction and liquid hydrogen tanks below deck, and is intended for continuous operation for 25 to 30 days.

The propulsion system concept will be diesel-electric based on using dual-fuel marine generators prepared to use hydrogen up to 80%.

The design has been developed in cooperation with Hydrographic and Marine Consultants (HMC) and optimised for an operational profile based on 80% cable laying and 20% carousel transport. It has a 9000t capacity carousel on deck, a 100t A-frame at the stern, deck mounted tensioners, and several cranes for cable laying operations or the installation of offshore wind turbines. Aurelia noted that the key factor in the design is the possibility to clear the deck and add an additional carousel of up to 30m diameter and an approximate capacity of 9000t, with a total cable-carrying capacity of 18,000t.

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