Climatiq raises €6 million to fuel net zero future

Berlin-based startup Climatiq has just raised €6 million to fuel the development and expansion of its climate intelligence platform. The climate tech innovators are powering net zero solutions by providing better oversight into the reality of carbon usage.

United with a common mission of cooling the earth and pushing our planet to a more sustainable present for future generations, Europe’s climate tech landscape is certainly hotting up. Innovative startups from across the continent are empowering businesses, governments and people with more oversight and understanding of the reality of the climate crisis, oh how much carbon we are actually using, and inviting us to make a change for the better by giving us the tools we need.

Berlin-based Climatiq, which launched just last year, is aiming to power the adoption of net zero carbon solutions through open scientific data. The startup has just raised a new capital investment of €6 million as its platform picks up traction.

This new €6 million seed round was led by the European VC firm Singular and joined by existing investors Cherry Ventures as well as prominent business angels from Datadog and Snyk. 

It comes about a year after the startup launched its carbon calculation platform when it raised €1.7 million in pre-seed financing.

This funding will support the development of the platform and comes alongside an announcement of a Scientific Advisory Board within the startup’s structure. The Board consists of world-renowned, field-leading scientists, including Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, Prof. Shelie Miller, Dr. Jacquetta Lee, Prof. Robert C. Armstrong, Prof. Wil van der Aalst, and Dr. Marco Sakai who will undoubtedly support the startup’s impact-led mission of enhancing climate action data and insight.

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