Instrumentation & Automation Course by IMEI

The Institute of Marine Engineers (India) Mumbai Branch in collaboration with Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre invites applications from the interested candidates for eight course of   Instrumentation & Automation between October 3, and October 7, 2022 through on-line platform Zoom.

The courses offered by IMEI


  • Demo of various primary sensors and their outputs
  • Demo of course conversion of primary sensor output to standard signals
  • Demo of 4 to 20 mA loop current reading by various methods
  • Demo of 2 wire and 4 wire Telemetry
  • Demo of Instrument calibration, of Analogue signal conditioners
  • Interactive and Non-Interactive Instrument calibration
  • Digital DP Cell calibration, Boiler water-level sensor calibration
  • Analogue & Digital Signals explanation and demonstration
  • Demo of Additive & Subtractive, differential, Pressure switches
  • Demo of sensor readings on computer seen on SCADA, SCADA set up
  • Demo of Loop Calibration in simulate and source modes

Process control engineering

  • Demo of open loop response of a controller to input changes
  • Demo of Proportional, Integral & Derivative Actions
  • Live demonstration of tuning process of a digital controller to a given process
  • Demo of auto tuning of a digital controller to a given process
  • Demo of 3-15 psi actuator, Reverse and Detect acting concepts of actuator and valve
  • Demo of lip Converter calibration
  • Demo of Pneumatic Valve Positioner calibration
  • Demo of Siemens SART Digital valve positioner initialization
  • pneumatic, Electro pneumatic, Digital, SCADA based PID Controllers


  • Demo of “Input” & “Output”, Digital & Analogue of PLC System
  • Demo of Ladder Logic programming, uploading and downloading
  • Demo of HMI programming, uploading and downloading
  • Demonstration of Systematic trouble shooting of a relatively large PLC system


  • Demo Of Incremental Optical & Mechanical Encoders
  • Demo of Absolute Optical Encoders


  • Demo Of a running VFD With encoder feedback
  • Demo Parameters setting of a VFD
  • Demo Of Transferring of Parameters of a VFD by software

Machine communication

  • Standards, Cables, Connectors and Protocols of communication
  • Demo Of control Of VFD by HMI through communication

Any prospective candidate who is interested may contact:  Ms. Nita Rao Patil – 9350002757/ Ms. Neetha Nair – 9930977647; Faculty name: Mr Ajith Kumar KT, 81-85 DMET Kolkata

More details can be accessed at –

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