Jio-bp to install EV charging stations

Jio-bp, a joint venture between Reliance Industries and bp, is set to install EV charging stations in all of Piramal Realty’s residential projects in Mumbai.

Jio-bp has already established India’s largest EV fleet charging hubs and several public charging points across different cities and highways in the country. Additionally, the company provides battery-swapping services through its extensive network of battery-swapping stations.

Piramal Realty’s decision to install EV charging stations aligns with their objective of promoting a sustainable environment and fulfilling the changing demands of their customers who seek eco-friendly living. By facilitating the adoption of greener lifestyles, Piramal Realty aims to create a healthy ecosystem.

Jio-bp’s mobile app offers exceptional features and functionalities, enabling EV customers to effortlessly access charging services.

Piramal Realty, established in 2012, is a prominent real estate developer in India that is currently developing 15 million square feet of residential and commercial projects in and around Mumbai. In 2015, two leading private equity investors invested $235 million in the company for a minority stake.

Jio-bp, operating under Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML), is a joint venture between bp and Reliance Industries that offers fuels and mobility solutions, including EV charging points and Battery Swapping Stations (BSS). Their aviation brand, air bp-Jio, is a top supplier of aviation turbine fuel in India, while their on-demand doorstep delivery of diesel service, Jio-bp Fuel4U, is a market leader.

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