NYK launches new ammonia designs

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), MTI and Elomatic have completed the concept design phase of a new capesize bulk carrier and a very large crude oil tanker (VLCC) in a project that aims to build an LNG-fuelled vessel that can be efficiently converted to an ammonia-fuelled vessel. The three companies are positioning these new hybrids as a “next-bridge” solution on shipping’s decarbonisation path. The three companies will now hold discussions with yards with a view to first orders.

Earlier this year, the same three companies unveiled similar hybrid designs for a car carrier and a post-panamax bulk carrier.

Because of the lower energy density of ammonia compared to LNG, a larger fuel tank capacity is needed in order to maintain the same level of endurance and less cargo is possible to carry. Moreover, a bigger fuel tank and additional fuel tanks affect ship stability and hull strength.

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