Ørsted starts construction of e-methanol project

Ørsted has launched construction on what is set to become Europe’s largest e-methanol plant for shipping fuel. Expected to become operational in 2025, the FlagshipONE project in Sweden will produce around 50,000 tonnes of e-methanol per year.

Originally developed by the Swedish e-fuels company Liquid Wind, the plant will be located next to Övik Energi’s combined heat and power plant Hörneborgsverket in Örnsköldsvik. The e-methanol will be produced using renewable electricity and biogenic carbon dioxide captured from Hörneborgsverket. In addition, FlagshipONE will use steam, process water, and cooling water from Hörneborgsverket, and excess heat from the e-methanol production process will be delivered back to Övik Energi and integrated into their district heating supply.  

The event was attended by political representatives from both local, regional, national, and international bodies, as well as by representatives from partner companies, including Siemens Energy, Carbon Clean, and Topsoe, who will deliver the electrolysers and control system, the carbon capture equipment, and the methanol synthesis equipment, respectively.

New regulations such as FuelEU Maritime are increasing the demand for new, green maritime fuels. According to the Fredericia-based utility, there are currently over 110 e-methanol vessels on order or in operation, up from 80 ships at the end of 2022.

The FlagshipONE project is the first in Ørsted’s ambitious green fuels pipeline. The company is also developing the 300,000 tonne ‘Project Star’ in the US Gulf Coast area and the ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ project in Copenhagen, which will both produce significant volumes of e-methanol for shipping.

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