Port of Argentia to support US energy transition

Newfoundland’s Port of Argentia has secured its second major contract in support of US offshore wind development. The port will serve as a marshalling yard for monopiles that are to be installed at project fields off the East Coast of the US.

Monopiles will be transported from the port dock to a bonded storage marshalling yard on the former US naval air station runways in the Argentia Northside Industrial Area by self-propelled modular transporters.

In preparation for the arrival of monopiles, the port will continue to see investment exceeding C$10m on infrastructure improvements, including additional road widening, maintenance of current infrastructure and creation of 3 acres of new laydown lands adjacent to docking facilities, bringing total quayside laydown in excess of 12 acres.

Tags: Energy Transition, Monopiles, Port of Argentia, US Coast
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