Shipping and aviation to collaborate for green hydrogen

The Skies and Seas Hydrogen-fuels Accelerator (SASHA) Coalition is being launched by Lord Deben, chair of the UK’s independent Committee on Climate Change.

The coalition is bringing together the shipping and aviation industries to form one unified voice so they have greater influence over policy and can send a clear demand signal that green hydrogen and direct air capture (DAC) are integral to decarbonisation pathways in these sectors.

Limited supplies must be targeted towards the industries that do not have faster, more efficient routes to decarbonisation, the coalition argues, suggesting that currently, EU and UK policy does not do enough to ensure the supply of green hydrogen and DAC will be available for the aviation and shipping sectors.

The SASHA Coalition has launched with exclusive research from consultancy Arup claiming that the best way to decarbonise shipping and aviation is by using green hydrogen and carbon dioxide from DAC.

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