BG Freight Line launches biomethanol feeders to service

BG Freight Line is launching four new environmentally friendly feeders, capable of using biomethanol, aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

These container vessels will feature advanced scrubbers to capture CO2 and sulphur particles, along with increased cargo capacity to minimize the carbon footprint per container. Additionally, the BG Freight Line feeders are designed to handle biomethanol, a sustainable fuel source, when it becomes more widely available at ports.

Named BG Green, BG Blue, BG Red, and BG Orange, these ships are 170 meters long and capable of transporting up to 1,380 containers, 300 more than previous vessels in the fleet.

BG Freight Line is a subsidiary of the Peel Ports Group. The Group’s ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, these ships will operate on the Liverpool-Rotterdam container route, with BG Green already in service as of April 27th, and the others set to follow later in the year.

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