VAXA converts clean energy into sustainable nutrition by using algae

VAXA, an Iceland-based company, converts clean energy into sustainable nutrition by using algae. Their groundbreaking vertical-farming technology lets microalgae grow indoors, completely independent of the weather conditions outside. Embedded with pink glowing lights (UV LEDs), the sealed and bio-secured module enables all-year-round production of high-quality, pathogen-free, fresh algae with a consistent composition. Focused on minimal water and land footprint, it uses pristine non-marine source water that guarantees a safe and clean process with no cross-contamination.

VAXA’s facility is integrated with one of the world’s largest geothermal plants, utilizing its byproducts (natural CO2 emissions, hot and cold water, and 100% renewable energy) to produce carbon-neutral microalgae. According to the company’s website, algae is rich in protein, and unlike other plant-based sources such as soy, it contains a complete essential amino acid profile and a large number of phyco-nutrients.

 Iceland is well known as a world leader in developing clean geothermal energy. VAXA created a technology platform designed to leverage the clean, natural outputs of a geothermal plant in Iceland, allowing the growth of microalgae indoors. As they mention on their website, the company ensures the production of a consistently stable product that is suitable for nutrition and food. Their products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and are produced without antibiotics or pesticides.

The microalgae is produced in a sealed indoor structure that ensures a safe, clean growing environment with no contaminant risk. ‘Through our unique management of culture and light, based on machine learning technology, our 24/7 bio-secured indoor production is fully controlled and optimized for growth,’ mentions the team. ‘Our production process requires less than 1% of the fresh water and land footprint compared to industry standards’.

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