ABB launches digital solution for shipowners

ABB Turbocharging has launched a comprehensive digital solution that is said to offer shipowners simplified management of propulsion efficiency and emissions reporting as well as up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption.

Named Tekomar XPERT marine, the system functions across all engines regardless of make, type and age. It comprises three modules covering the engine, hull and propeller, and emissions. The modules have been launched to further extend Tekomar XPERT’s engine module already used by shipping companies and currently optimising the performance of more than 8,000 engines in operation. ABB said that combined, these modules provide actionable insights into ship performance, based on which shipping companies can make better operating decisions, which lead to notable fuel savings.”This, in turn, enables vessels to achieve improved carbon intensity index (CII) ratings. Charter party conformity on emissions reporting is also eased,” the company noted.

The emissions module enables the CII rating and CO2 emissions to be accurately forecasted, allowing for pre-validated emissions reporting in line with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) and the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) requirements. The hull and propeller module provides insights into the vessel’s performance in real time such as accurate assessment of de-fouling requirements, ABB explained. “With this level of insights, effective planning of improvement actions is greatly simplified.”

“Tekomar XPERT marine raises our digital offering to a new level by adding the hull and propeller, and emission modules to our engine room offering. These combined analytics deliver real customer value by enabling greater efficiencies. For example, fuel savings of up to 3 tons per day can be achieved by optimising the performance of the engines alone, which translates to some 9 tons of CO2 emissions per day,” said Cristian Corotto, vice president of Digital Customer Solutions ABB Turbocharging. “Just as important is the system’s delivery of information needed to support decision-making related to the optimal timing of cleaning events, and the identification of the root cause of reduced propulsion efficiency. Essentially, with Tekomar XPERT marine customers are ready for the next level of data-driven decision making.”

Results of analyses from all three modules are immediately available to shipowners and operators, and the solution can be integrated to work with existing data collection systems, according to the company. The expanded digital analytics offering promotes benchmarking, historic tracking and forecasting. Furthermore, the system offers advisory support on all levels, from the engine to the ship’s hull and propeller, as well as its emissions and CII ranking. Users can gain 24/7 access via a portal where they can view and benchmark their entire fleets. Operational data can be shared with ABB, for assessment and expert operational insights.

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