AIP sought for world-first fuel cell-propelled high-speed vessel

Fuel cell developer TECO 2030 and Norwegian yard Umoe Mandal have delivered the documentation package to the Norwegian Maritime Authority for an approval in principle application of the first fuel cell high-speed vessel design

The vessel is designed to be fitted with a multimegawatt fuel-cell system for full propulsion. The design is derived from one the Norwegian yard developed for a crew transfer vessel (CTV) with a surface effect ship  hullform.

This specific passenger vessel will have a service speed of 35 knots, a range of 160 nautical miles and carry 275 passengers.

The vessel design aims at being a first-of-its-kind, zero-emissions, high-speed passenger vessel sailing along the coast without emitting anything but warm air and water and Umoe Mandal anticipates the vessel design to raise considerable interest from the maritime industry.

Once the vessel design and hydrogen propulsion plant has received the approval in principle, TECO 2030 and Umoe Mandal, together with suppliers will continue the process of reaching final approval.

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