AT&T and L&T to accelerate solutions to address climate change

L&T Technology Services Limited, a prominent global digital engineering and R&D services company, and AT&T, one of the largest telecommunications companies worldwide, announced a strategic alliance aimed at curbing global emissions. This groundbreaking collaboration will utilize the combined resources and expertise of both companies to develop advanced solutions that can significantly reduce environmental impact.

As part of this collaboration, LTTS will participate in AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative (CCI), a collaborative effort that works on connectivity-based solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions by 1 gigaton by 2035. The effort brings together a diverse group of organizations to unleash the power of connectivity solutions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), fiber, 5G, and edge computing, to reach this goal. As a participant in the CCI, LTTS will collaborate with AT&T to work toward the collective emissions reduction commitment and help enable companies to make sustainable business decisions.

For L&T Technology Services (LTTS), sustainability transcends the realm of mere commitment; it forms an integral part of the organizational ethos, deeply embedded in all their actions. The company offers an extensive suite of sustainability services that encompasses a wide range of solutions, all meticulously designed to mitigate environmental impact and drive positive change.

LTTS’ offerings span from green engineering solutions and energy management strategies to waste reduction initiatives and community engagement programs. These solutions empower organizations to integrate sustainability into every facet of their operations. With a keen focus on innovation and collaboration, LTTS guides its global customers through the complexities of sustainability, equipping them to attain their environmental and social objectives while ensuring business success.

LTTS will work with AT&T to deliver a suite of cutting-edge services designed to leverage AT&T connectivity to help companies achieve emissions reduction targets. Examples of this collaboration include:

•  Developing engineering and connectivity solutions that are geared towards driving digital transformation for a greener future across various industries

•  gEdge, a scalable, ready-for-implementation immersive data center-in-a-box solution

•  i-BEMS, an energy-efficient building automation framework

•  Design and engineering for renewable energy utilizing connectivity to enhance reliability and efficiency of energy supply to the network grid

•  Engineering and connectivity solutions focused on accelerating cleaner, sustainable energy such as green hydrogen

•  Carbon sequestration technology and connectivity-enabled measurement and verification platforms

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