BMW developing a new generation of internal combustion engines

BMW might be aiming to achieve zero-emission mobility, but the carmaker is working on a new generation of petrol and diesel engines, claims a report by Auto Motor und Sport. The report claims that this new generation of petrol and diesel six and eight-cylinder engines will come with significantly reduced CO2 emission levels.

The report quotes BMW development director Frank Weber who said that the German luxury car manufacturer will require state-of-the-art combustion engines for a few years to effectively reduce CO2 emissions in the passenger car sector globally.

The report says that with the six-cylinder engine alone, BMW will be able to reduce CO2 emissions more massively than has been the case with a generation change.

The new generation engines are claimed to have a completely new cylinder head.

This new technology is claimed to be effective in the overall reduction in CO2 emissions.

Despite the automaker working on this new technology-enabled internal combustion engine, BMW has claimed that it will not force its customers to choose between ICE vehicles and electric vehicles. It has also said that BMW aims to offer the most sustainable and innovative vehicles, regardless of the type of drive.

Interestingly, BMW’s strategy of developing a new generation of petrol and diesel engines comes at a time when its archrival Mercedes-Benz is focusing on electric vehicles and vowed to go carbon neutral in the near future.

Another German luxury carmaker and BMW’s rival brand Audi too has confirmed that it would introduce its last newly developed internal combustion engine-powered vehicle in 2026 and by 2033, it will eliminate the combustion engines from its entire vehicle line up.

Not only Audi and Mercedes-Benz, but several other car brands too are thriving towards zero-emission future amidst the growing concern around vehicular emission and its impact on global warming.

Source: Hindustan Times

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