Collaborative project on heavy-duty hydrogen transportation

Air Products, Schenk Tanktransport and TNO are collaborating on the Clean Hydrogen and Road Transport Project (CH2aRT), focused on developing heavy-duty hydrogen trucks and a public hydrogen refueling station.

Subsidized by the Demonstration Scheme for Climate Technologies and Innovations in Transport of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the project will create the largest hydrogen refueling station in The Netherlands, initially supplying three zero-emission trucks from Air Products, Schenk Tanktransport and other early hydrogen adopters in the Rotterdam port area.

Air Products will supply and operate the refueling station in the Botlek area and supply green hydrogen, while Schenk Tanktransport will use the trucks for its daily logistics operations. TNO will monitor the entire project and use the insights obtained for the further development and application of hydrogen in heavy-duty road transportation.

The project will also contribute to HyTrucks, an international consortium aiming to deploy hydrogen in heavy road transport on a large scale by 202,5 with 1,000 hydrogen-powered trucks in the triangle of Rotterdam, North Rhine-Westphalia and Antwerp. The parties include Air Products and port companies, transportation companies, fuel station operators and truck manufacturers, among others.

Source: NGT News

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