Cross-Country on Electric: Ultraviolette & HPCL Make It Possible

Ultraviolette, a leader in Electric Mobility Solutions and Energy Technology, has signed an MoU with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limitied (HPCL) to establish electric vehicle charging stations at HPCL fuel outlets in India.

This collaboration will bring convenience to electric vehicle enthusiasts throughout the country.

Charging Ahead with Strategic Partnerships

The alliance between Ultraviolette and HPCL is a testament to their shared vision of propelling India towards a greener future. By tapping into HPCL’s expansive network of retail fuel pumps, this initiative aims to facilitate effortless cross-country travel for electric motorcycle riders. It underscores a progressive and sustainable approach, fostering an eco-friendly travel culture that breaks the barriers of distance for electric vehicle owners.

At the heart of this venture are Ultraviolette’s F77 Electric Motorcycles, which boast an impressive IDC range of 307 KM on a single charge – setting a new benchmark for electric two-wheelers in India. This range enables riders to embark on intercity journeys and long-haul escapades with ease.

Through this pioneering partnership, Ultraviolette and HPCL are setting the stage for a transformative travel experience, making long-distance electric motorcycle voyages across the nation more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Expanding the Electric Highway

The first phase of this ambitious collaboration will see Ultraviolette establishing charging stations at select HP retail fuel pumps in 12 states, with plans for a nationwide expansion on the horizon.

These fast-charging stations will strategically span National and State highways, as well as the most secluded areas, leveraging HPCL’s extensive network to ensure that Ultraviolette’s electric bikers can cover vast distances in minimal time.

Niraj Rajmohan, CTO & Co-Founder of Ultraviolette, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the shared goal of crafting a robust EV charging infrastructure. He emphasized how this collaboration would streamline the charging process for electric motorcycles, significantly contributing to the development of a national charging grid. This move aligns perfectly with the Government of India’s ambitious goals for a cleaner, more sustainable mobility landscape by 2030.

Shri Debashis Chakraverty, Ch. General Manager, Retail Strategy & Business Development at HPCL, reinforced the corporation’s commitment to promoting electric vehicle adoption. By targeting the establishment of 5,000 charging stations by December 2024, HPCL aims to alleviate range anxiety among EV owners.

With over 2600 charging stations already operational, this alliance is set to bolster the adoption of electric vehicles, specifically in the two-wheeler segment.

DriveSpark Thinks

The strategic partnership between Ultraviolette and HPCL marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards sustainable mobility. It paves the way for electric vehicle owners to explore the country’s diverse landscapes without worrying about charging logistics. This initiative is not just about facilitating easier travel; it’s about driving a nationwide shift towards cleaner, greener, and more sustainable forms of transportation, one charge at a time.

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