Essar to develop Stanlow terminal into UK’s largest biofuel storage hub

Essar Energy-owned Stanlow Terminals Limited (STL) announced that it will make investments over the next three years to develop the UK’s largest biofuels storage hub. The major investment is a key pillar in Stanlow Terminals’ strategic objective to become the UK’s largest bulk liquid storage and energy infrastructure solutions provider. It will deliver 300,000 cubic metres of capacity to support customers in delivering the UK’s net zero transition.

The new facilities at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex and Tranmere Terminal, located in the Port of Liverpool, will allow customers to store, blend and distribute bio-fuels suitable for use in the energy transition as drop-in replacement transport fuels for road, aviation and marine segments.

STL already provides biofuels storage capacity for customers through a dedicated supply and delivery infrastructure. This new customer-led investment will support the growth of initiatives such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) linked to Fulcrum’s Northpoint project, sustainable hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and will include waste-based feedstock import facilities, blending and capacity expansion for existing bio-ethanol and bio-methanol.

The market for energy from renewable sources in the UK is expanding rapidly, driven by legislative obligations to encourage lower carbon fuels.

Additional storage investment opportunities for low carbon energy products, such as e-fuels, bio-LPG, bio-methane, hydrogen and ammonia are all undergoing feasibility studies. These investments reflect the growing demand from partners and customers who are seeking storage facilities and expertise in future fuels handling, as businesses across the economy look to decarbonise and operate in a more sustainable manner.

Source: Business Standard

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