ExxonMobil’s cylinder oil validated by WinGD

ExxonMobil’s advanced 40BN cylinder oil, MobilgardTM 540 AC, has been validated by WinGD for use in its dual fuel engines with conventional fuels, including methanol, and now LNG. The high-performance cylinder oil, which also has an approval from MAN ES for use in its two-stroke engines, was developed for use in slow-speed, two-stroke marine engines operating on fuels with up to 0.50% sulfur content, LNG, ethane, methanol, and LPG.

Mobilgard 540 AC has demonstrated an excellent ability to keep the engine clean while running in gas mode at optimised low feed rates. The oil is also suitable for methanol operation and with other liquid fuels up to 1.5% sulfur levels. Please refer to the latest WinGD guidelines.

This comes in addition to the existing MAN ES Category II approval, positioning the oil as a supreme oil in the two stroke marine engine space.

Used in conjunction with a next generation scrape-down oil analysis service, such as MobilTM Cylinder Condition Monitoring, the cylinder oil can help:

  • Deliver exceptional cleanliness with low-sulfur fuel due to high level of detergency.
  • Combat deposits and scuffing-related engine wear associated with low-sulfur fuels.
  • Ensure performance even in severe operating conditions as a result of excellent thermal and oxidative stability.

Mobilgard 540 AC has demonstrated the ability to deliver these benefits while optimising cylinder oil feed-rates and effectively managing acid neutralisation in a range of engines and fuel applications. The cylinder oil has already been granted Category II status by MAN ES for use in its two stroke marine diesel engines; the addition of the dual fuel validation from WinGD positions the oil as one of the highest performing in the market.

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