First carbon capture technology to be installed on MR tankers

Eastern Pacific Shipping has agreed with Rotterdam-based Value Maritime to install carbon capture and filtering systems on MR tankers Pacific Cobalt and Pacific Gold. As part of the agreement three more vessels are scheduled to be equipped with same technology in future. The system installation on Pacific Cobalt, is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022 with engineering and planning underway.

Iinstallation onboard Pacific Gold is scheduled to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

The two vessels will be fitted with a prefabricated gas cleaning system that filters sulfur and 99 percent of particulate matter. The system will include a Carbon Capture Module charging a CO2 battery onboard.

The charged CO2 battery will be discharged in port and subsequently used by CO2 customers, such as greenhouses, or injected into carbon sequestration networks.

The discharged battery will be returned to the vessel for CO2 recharging. This ‘plug and play’ approach allows vessels to capture up to 40 percent of CO2 emissions today, with the potential of exceeding 90% in the future.

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