First hydrogen-powered car in India makes entry into Kerala

India’s first hydrogen- powered car by Toyota made its way in to State of Keral. The Regional Transport Office in Thiruvananthapuram gave registration to a red coloured Toyota Mirai. The registration was done online without any vehicle tax.  The car bearing registration number KL 1 CU 7610 comes with a green number plate similar to the one provided to electric vehicles (EVs). Toyota Kirloskar brought this all-hydrogen electric vehicle to the state on an experimental basis. The cost of the car is $0.014 million.

Travancore Cochin Chemicals (TCC), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) are involved in the process. KSRTC also has major plans to switch to green fuel-based buses. It has announced plans to purchase 50 electric buses and 10 hydrogen buses, besides converting some of the diesel-run buses to electric.

Toyota Mirai is the India’s first fuel cell electric vehicle, and hydrogen from the fuel tank and oxygen in air creates electric power for the car. Water is the byproduct, which will be emitted from vehicle’s tailpipe, and refuelling time is just 5 minutes. The carf will give a range of 600km on full tank.

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