FirstBio2Shipping project awarded funding for a bio-LNG production plant

Attero, Titan LNG and Nordsol, all based in The Netherlands, have joined forces in the FirstBio2Shipping project, designed to help decarbonise maritime transport through scalable and decentralized production of bio-LNG, which originates from organic waste flows, particularly domestic and agricultural waste. The project has received funding of €4.3m ($4.85m) from the EU through its Fit for 55 package, which supports the new EU objective of a minimum 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Through their collaboration, Attero will produce 6m Nm3 of biogas a year from domestic biowaste. The biogas will be upgraded and liquefied into bio-LNG through Nordsol’s iLNG technology, which produces contaminant-free bio-LNG, without methane slip or high temperature demands. Together, Attero and Nordsol plan to produce 2,400 tons per year of high-purity bio-LNG and 5,000 tons per year of liquid bio-CO2.

Titan will supply the bio-LNG to the maritime industry, reducing GHG emissions by 92% compared with a conventional maritime fuel, according to a statement from the partners. Set to be completed in 2023, the plant will be located at the Attero facility in Wilp, The Netherlands.

Source: Splash247

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