Gazpromneft Lubricants supplied marine oils for the world diamond mining leader

Gazpromeft-Lubricants Marine Department has signed the agreement on supplying oils for industrial equipment of the diamond mining company ALROSA, according to the company’s release. The department has already provided over 110,000 liters of lubricants for diesel engines operated on heavy fuels.

“The area of ​​ marine oils application is not limited to marine machinery, since the design features of the units play the key role. For 8 years now Gazpromneft Lubricants marine oils demonstrate excellent performance in various environmental conditions and under extreme mechanical loads. We are confident that our products will successfully cope with the Siberian challenges and look forward to long-term cooperation with ALROSA, Roman Miroshnichenko, head of the Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants Business.

ALROSA’s diesel plants operate at the fields in Yakutia. The severe Siberian climate defines increased requirements for the mechanism’s reliability and lubricants quality. The oils supplied are resistant to viscosity changes over a wide temperature range. The increased alkalinity level prevents corrosive wear of diesel engines for a long period. The optimal balance of detergent and dispersing additives effectively prevents piston contamination and protects engines from fuel impurities that result in significant deposit reduction.


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