Geely introduces methanol-powered truck

Geely, a Chinese manufacturer that owns brands such as Volvo and Lotus, among others, presented a concept truck that will be a direct rival to Tesla Semi. However, unlike Elon Musk’s truck, which is basically electric, the so-called “Homtruck” promises to be more versatile as it also uses a range extender and a version with methanol.

Product of Farizon Auto, the truck brand launched by Geely, the Homtruck will have modular batteries that can be added or removed easily.

The technology will allow the customer to increase or reduce the autonomy of the trucks and even share the cells between the vehicles in the fleet.

The Homtruck also has a platform that allows you to add a range extender with a combustion engine to extend the vehicle’s range.

However, what really draws attention is the hybrid version powered by methanol. As is well known, Geely decided to use this fuel to move taxi fleets in China.

Unlike ethanol, methanol is highly toxic and has been used in Brazil for some time as a fuel. Common to racing cars in the US, the product is now an alternative in China.

As one of Geely’s targets, with Farizon Auto, is the North American market, methanol will not be a problem for supply, as it is in China.

South Korea, Japan and Europe are other markets that Homtruck will be in, but it is not known whether using methanol. There is also the 100% electric version, which will be offered in some places.

With a futuristic look, the Geely truck promises to carry a lot of technology, including 5G connection and 360-degree monitoring.

It will also have V2I communication and ADAS+ driver assistance package. The systems update will be through OTA and there will be a personal assistant based on artificial intelligence.

Homtruck will also have Level 4 autonomous driving using LiDAR laser radar. In addition to being highly digital, the Chinese truck will have a small kitchen and a compact washing machine.


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