Gravitricity, Arup received grant from BEIS for hydrogen storage project

Gravitricity, an Edinburgh-based energy storage specialist, and Arup, a global built environment consultancy, have secured £300 000 from the UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to study the feasibility of storing hydrogen in purpose-built underground shafts.

Gravitricity and Arup will collaborate to deliver a complete system design and commercial feasibility report for the idea, as well as identifying a potential site for their proposed underground hydrogen store. The design will also include integration with gravity energy storage and inter-seasonal heat.

The parties have been awarded £299 985 in Phase 1 of the BEIS Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition, which aims to support innovation in the supply of hydrogen, reducing the costs of supplying hydrogen, bringing new solutions to the market, and ensuring that the UK continues to develop world-leading hydrogen technologies for a future hydrogen economy.

Tags: Arup, BEIS, Gravitricity, Hydrogen Storage
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