Greenhouse emissions study validates low carbon GAS project

Atlas Salt Inc. Company” or “Atlas Salt” announced the results of a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory Report for its Great Atlantic Salt (GAS) Project by Stantec Consulting Ltd. (Stantec).

The annual direct GHG emissions from mine operations are comparable to those of just four Newfoundland families.

The Stantec report underscores Atlas Salt’s commitment to environmental sustainability, with direct GHG emissions (also referred to as Scope 1 emissions) of 79 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year (t CO2e/yr) and indirect GHG emissions (also referred to as Scope 2 emissions) of 2,293 t CO2e/yr, significantly lower than comparable mining projects.

According to Statistics Canada (2023), the GAS operations’ Scope 1 GHG emissions of 79 tonnes annually is comparable to the emissions of the annual carbon footprint expected from just four Newfoundland families of four.

The Great Atlantic Salt Project’s strategic advantage lies not only in its environmental sustainability but also in its economic viability. The near-surface location of the ore body coupled with its proximity to essential infrastructure significantly enhances the project’s risk-adjusted overall economics. Atlas Salt anticipates strong demand for its future production given its environmentally friendly attributes combined with competitive economics and pricing.

Tags: CO2 Emissions, Greenhouse Emissions, Mining
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