Hainan bunkering volume up 113% on year to 217,500 mt during 2021

Hainan Maritime Safety Administration supervised 420 bonded oil bunkering operations and recorded a bonded bunkering volume of 217,500 metric tonnes (mt) in 2021, representing respective increases of 158% and 113% on year, according to state media CCTV.

The Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, Hainan Maritime Safety Administration and Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation jointly issued the “Hainan Free Trade Port Ship Bonded Oil Industry Development Plan (2021-2022)”.

The industry plan makes way for four approved bonded bunkering firms operating from Yangpu Economic Development Zone in 2022, increasing Hainan’s yearly bunkering volume to a forecasted 350,000 mt.

Further, the plan initiates the first steps in forming a regional bonded bunkering base at Yangpu in 2022.

The bunkering sector at Hainan

There are two physical suppliers currently operating at the Port of Yangpu, Hainan.

One is China Shipping & Sinopec Suppliers Co. Ltd., while the other is Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan Petroleum Co., Ltd.

Currently, only Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) can be supplied as bonded oil to international vessels at the Port of Yangpu.

Source: Manifold Times

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