HD Hyundai signs with Neptune to deliver EPLO services

South Korea’s HD Hyundai Marine Solution said that it signed a contract with the Greece-based Neptune to deliver engine part load optimization (EPLO) services for four pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs).

EPLO is the green technology solution that helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

It fine-tunes engine performance by adjusting the turbocharger, fuel injection timing, quantity, and air-to-fuel mix ratio based on engine output.

This approach not only boosts engine performance but also extends its lifespan and lowers maintenance costs by preventing carbon deposit buildup.

The deal comes as stricter regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) put pressure on shipping companies to reduce emissions.

Many companies are currently limiting engine output to around 70% of capacity to meet these regulations, resulting in slower sailing speeds.

HD Hyundai Marine Solution’s EPLO service is designed to optimize combustion even under these limitations, and the company expects surging demand for the technology.

The contract follows HD Hyundai Marine Solution’s first EPLO order for a PCTC in October last year, highlighting the growing interest in eco-friendly maritime solutions.

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