Hyzon launches $800k hydrogen-powered prime mover

Hyzon has launched a locally-made hydrogen-powered prime mover that is set to go into pilot programs across Australia later this year, scaling production in 2025. 

The US-headquartered company, with an Australian assembly plant at Noble Park, unveiled the 50-tonne truck, which comes equipped with a single stack 200kW fuel cell system and powertrain, at a ceremony in the Kangan Institute in Melbourne.  

The prime mover is Hyzon’s second locally designed, engineered and built hydrogen fuel cell electric truck, following the launch of a refuse truck which went into commercial operation in NSW in October 2023.

The truck has a range of about 400km on a full tank of hydrogen gas, depending on the terrain and the weight of the load. 

A major barrier to the uptake of hydrogen-powered trucks is the lack of hydrogen refuelling stations in Australia.   Another pain point is the price of the truck, which comes in at approximately $800-$850k.

Tags: Hydrogen, Hyzon, Prime Mover
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