Jan De Nul and ABC Engines to work for hybrid marine engines

Jan De Nul Group and ABC Engines have announced a partnership for hybrid marine engines. Both companies signed the order for four 7200 kW engines and one 1800 kW engine that can run on (bio)diesel, HVO, and methanol. These innovative engines will ensure propulsion of the newest Jan De Nul Group’s cable-laying vessel, Fleeming Jenkin. Using green methanol, the engines are also climate neutral and due to the unique combination with the ULEv technology they also meet the strict Stage V standard for particulate matter and Euro 6 standard for nitrogen.

Jan De Nul Group and ABC Engines are accelerating towards a more sustainable shipping industry with the development of these engines. Both companies take on a pioneering role to significantly reduce harmful emissions in the shipping industry and to contribute to a substantial positive impact on the climate and the health of man, fauna, and flora.

An important step Jan De Nul Group is taking in making its fleet more sustainable is switching to renewable fuels, such as methanol. Notwithstanding significantly reduced emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses, methanol also offers the advantage of being already available in more than one hundred ports around the world. In order to further shape the internal sustainability strategy and to fully align with the renewable world economy, Jan De Nul Group enters into this partnership with ABC Engines, which leads the way in the field of marine engines running on alternative fuels, such as the promising methanol.

ABC will supply four 7200 kW engines and one 1800 kW engine for Jan De Nul Group’s newest cable-laying vessel, Fleeming Jenkin. These medium-speed engines can run on both (bio)diesel and methanol. By switching to sustainable fuels in com-bination with the unique ULEv technology, this new, next-generation cable-laying vessel will bring about a significant reduction of harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and nitric oxide (NOX). By doing so, it meets the strictest standards in terms of NOX emissions onshore and in terms of particulate matter emissions offshore.

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