KR gives first type approval for direct CO2 measurement on vessels

Korean Register (KR) said it awarded Singapore-based Marine Technology Solution Pte Ltd a Type Approval certificate for their direct and continuous CO2 emission measurement system called CARBON LENS.

The Type Approval certificate, which was awarded based on the International Maritime Organization’s NOx Technical Code and Guidelines from KR, is the first of its kind to be awarded to a manufacturer.

CARBON LENS continuously analyses and records the flow of emitted CO2 from each stack of a vessel, taking into account its temperature and exhaust pressure.

This data is then live-streamed from the vessel to designated recipients ashore.

By utilising this system, recorded and reported data will be more immediately available and more accurate, offering a significant improvement on the current ‘best-guess techniques’ employed by many emission reporting companies at the moment.

Being able to accurately measure and report CO2 emission levels from vessels is increasingly important to ship owners, managers and charterers, as they will be required to provide detailed emission reports to regulators.

Accurate data will also help the relevant parties to better estimate their carbon offset requirements when executing carbon trading strategies.


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