Lhyfe partners with Source Galileo for green hydrogen

French green hydrogen producer Lhyfe and UK renewable energy developer Source Galileo have entered into a joint agreement to develop commercial-scale green and renewable hydrogen production units in the UK and Ireland.

To this end, the companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), aiming to deploy production facilities powered by renewable energy to support the net-zero goals of both countries.

The UK has set its low-carbon hydrogen production target to 10GW by 2030, with at least half of this coming from green hydrogen while Ireland plans to develop 2GW of hydrogen production from offshore wind farms in the country by 2030.

The agreement will see Lhyfe and Source Galileo combine their expertise to generate and supply hydrogen to various customers across industry and transport, helping them decarbonize their operations.

Initially, the companies will focus on using electricity from onshore renewable sources. However, in the longer term, they could harness the offshore wind potential in the UK and Ireland, which would help overcome electricity grid constraints.

Lhyfe aims to achieve a green hydrogen production capacity of 200MW by the end of 2026 and 3GW by the end of 2030. Source Galileo has a pipeline of approximately 10GW of offshore wind and hydrogen projects under development in the UK, Ireland, and Norway.

When it comes to its operations in the UK, it is worth noting that Lhyfe is working with multinational energy company Centrica to develop offshore renewable hydrogen in the UK, starting with a pilot project in the Southern North Sea.

The French company is also behind the world’s first operational offshore green hydrogen production platform, installed in its home country.

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