Mærsk plans to produce green fuel for its ships

Danish container shipping company Mærsk and Danish green energy producer Ørsted have signed an agreement to produce green marine fuel in the US. To do so, Ørsted will build a so-called power-to-x plant using wind power to produce hydrogen gas. It will then be converted into liquid green fuel for Mærsk. This green fuel will be used for the 12 methanol-powered container ships ordered by Maersk as part of its goal to become carbon neutral by 2040.

Other green projects:

  • In Denmark, Maersk is also involved in several power-to-x projects.
  • In Esbjerg, the company is working with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to build Europe’s largest power-to-x plant to produce green ammonia.
  • In Copenhagen, Maersk is working with many partners such as – among others – Ørsted, Københavns Lufthavn or SAS to build a power-to-x plant to produce green fuel for ships, planes and trucks.
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