More than one lakh over-aged diesel vehicles de-registered in Delhi

As many as one lakh over-aged diesel vehicles have been de-registered in Delhi, said Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot.

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot informed today that so far about one lakh such diesel vehicles have been de-registered, which are more than 10-year-old. Apart from this, petrol vehicles older than 15 years are also being de-registered.

“Public transport in Delhi is running at one-third of its capacity, increasing the number of special environment buses”, said Kailash Gehlot.

While addressing the Media, Gehlot said the Delhi government is serious about curbing pollution. “As the life of vehicles increases, they also start generating pollution. Till now, it was a rule that NOC was not given to diesel vehicles more than 10 years old and petrol vehicles more than 15 years old. But recently we changed the order, now we are giving NOC to all the vehicles which have completed their life.”

The Transport Minister said that the vehicles which are de-registered in Delhi can be registered again in those states where diesel vehicles more than 10-years-old are allowed to operate.

“Overaged vehicles can also be converted into electric vehicles. For that, we have invited those who want to convert the vehicles into electric vehicles. Four-five companies have been empanelled for this. Although this process of getting the electric machine is between the vehicle owner and the company, there is no role of the Transport Department and Delhi Government in this”, said Kailash Gehlot.

When asked about the process of getting NOC for the vehicles, Kailash Gehlot said that one can apply for NOC through the website of the Transport Department.

Kailash Gehlot said, “Out of the special environmental buses that were already running, we have renewed the permits of 550 buses. In the next two-three days, more buses will start running. Some of the eco-buses that were being run due to the increase in pollution level, some of them have to get the pollution certificate renewed. After that those buses will also hit the road.”

On the question of the problems being faced by the passengers due to the Delhi Yellow alert, Kailash Gehlot said, “Right now public transport in Delhi is running at only one-third of its capacity. Earlier, about 50 people used to travel in a 35-seat bus, which has now decreased to 17-18.

Source: Times of India

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