Navig8 takes delivery of first eco-friendly newbuild vessel

Navig8 has has taken delivery of the Navig8 Excel, the first of six newbuild MR vessels due for delivery by 2025 from New Times Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

All six vessels will feature a range of technologies that will improve operational efficiency, lessen fuel consumption, and reduce emissions. These will include air lubrication systems (ALS) from Marine Technology Solutions and exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS).

Navig8 reported that, during recent sea trials of the Navig8 Excel, the ALS system resulted in proven efficiencies in fuel consumption and a power gain of 6.89% MT/day.

Meanwhile, the model of EGCS fitted on the MRs has been certified to reduce sulphur emissions to below 0.1%.

Navig8 added that it uses the Shipwatch platform to oversee the performance of its ships and actively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions through enhanced operational efficiency. All vessels will integrate a CII monitoring system directly connected to the Shipwatch platform.

The new vessels will join the Navig8 Gamma8 Pool and will be technically managed by Suntech Maritime.

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