Nepal achieves milestone in hydrogen production

Kathmandu University’s laboratory has achieved a significant milestone by successfully producing hydrogen from water and utilizing it as a vehicle fuel.

In collaboration with the Nepal Oil Corporation, Kathmandu University established the hydrogen laboratory, importing hydrogen vehicles and refueling equipment from South Korea.

The production of hydrogen from water necessitates electricity. Given hydrogen’s emergence as a new energy source in the global market, Nepal holds significant potential in this field.

The government has already formulated a policy regarding hydrogen utilization. However, there is a pressing need to enact hydrogen-specific laws and regulations to formally recognize hydrogen as a viable fuel source in Nepal.

While the introduction of hydrogen vehicles in Nepal is underway, challenges remain, such as the lack of necessary laws for issuing vehicle number plates.

The research team emphasized that since water and electricity are domestically produced in Nepal, the country has the potential to become a leader in hydrogen technology.

Tags: Hydrogen, Nepal, Production
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