RIL to transform 5,000 ICE trucks to hydrogen-powered fleet

Reliance Industries is set to convert around 5,000 internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks to hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE) trucks by mid-2024. The initiative involves utilising hydrogen produced at the Jamnagar Facility, where the trucks are undergoing advanced trials. Approximately 6,000 kilogramme of hydrogen has been dispensed for this purpose. According to a senior company official, the trials have demonstrated near-zero downtime, with H2ICE-powered trucks proving to be three times more efficient than their diesel counterparts. The company plans to introduce these hydrogen trucks into its fleet before scaling up the ecosystem for a hydrogen-powered economy.

The company, as part of its green energy pursuits, aims to establish 100 GW of renewable energy, a solar giga factory, battery manufacturing, and green hydrogen production, contributing to a transformative energy transition. It envisions setting up a network of hydrogen dispensation stations along major routes, such as Mumbai to Delhi, to support a potential 1,500-kilometre run for H2ICE-powered trucks. This initiative aligns with the company’s long-term goal of making the country free of diesel consumption.

The solar giga factory at Jamnagar, a key component of the company’s green energy plan, will manufacture PV modules, cells, wafers, ingots, polysilicon, and glass at a single location, positioning it as one of the largest, technologically advanced, and cost-competitive solar giga factories globally.

The company plans to invest USD 10 billion in Capex to build its new energy ecosystem and has collaborated with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the supply of green hydrogen. The H2ICE-powered trucks developed as part of the Net Carbon Zero Vision, emit near-zero emissions, reduce noise, and are expected to lower operating costs. This technology, developed in collaboration with Ashok Leyland and other technical partners, has undergone rigorous testing and complies with government regulations, ready for on-road deployment.

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