RINA, Gas and Heat to work together for ammonia bunker vessel

Italian classification society RINA is embarking on an innovative collaboration with Gas and Heat, a fellow Italian company specializing in cargo handling systems, to develop a cutting-edge cargo and fuel gas system for an ammonia-fuelled bunker vessel. This strategic partnership leverages Gas and Heat’s expertise in designing and constructing cargo handling systems, with a focus on cryogenic gas transportation, and RINA’s proficiency in classification services and compliance assessment.

In this collaborative effort, Gas and Heat will take charge of developing the basic design of the cargo and fuel gas system. Simultaneously, RINA will play a pivotal role in conducting a thorough compliance assessment of the design, integrating it seamlessly into the broader Approval in Principle process. This joint endeavor underscores both companies’ commitment to innovation and their shared history of successful collaboration on unique and forward-thinking projects.

Ammonia emerges as a key player in this transition, demonstrating substantial potential to play a crucial role in the medium term. Intensive research into the ammonia combustion process by leading engine manufacturers is paving the way for the introduction of ammonia-fuelled engines to the shipbuilding market. A notable player in this space is MAN Energy Solutions, which is poised to deliver its ammonia-powered engine to the market within the current year.

As the collaboration between RINA and Gas and Heat unfolds, it represents a proactive response to the evolving demands of the shipping industry, aligning with the global push for cleaner and more sustainable maritime practices. The development of an efficient cargo and fuel gas system for ammonia-fuelled bunker vessels not only showcases technical innovation but also signifies a collective commitment to reducing the environmental impact of shipping operations.

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