SolarDuck receives world’s first certification for floating offshore solar technology

Bureau Veritas (BV) has awarded the Dutch-Norwegian renewable energy company SolarDuck the world’s first Prototype Certification for its floating offshore solar technology, as applied in SolarDuck’s 0.5 MW pilot “Merganser”.

This certification represents a significant step forward in the development of marine renewable energy technologies for offshore applications.

As explained, the Merganser project, developed by SolarDuck and supported by RWE, comprises six interconnected floating solar platforms with a capacity of 520 kWp. The solution is designed to withstand challenging offshore conditions, including high waves, strong winds, and corrosive environments.

The design has been certified to withstand a maximum wave height of 11.6 meters (with a directional 10-year return period) at a water depth of 21.5 meters (MSL) at the North Sea Farmers test site. It will be deployed off the coast of The Hague, Netherlands, providing a real-world operational environment to evaluate its performance and resilience in the dynamic North Sea.

Tags: Offshore, Solar, SolarDuck
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