Stena Drilling leads offshore industry in green transition

Amidst the urgent global shift towards sustainability, Stena Drilling, a Scotland-based offshore drilling contractor, has emerged as a pioneering force in the offshore oil and gas industry’s green transition. The company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has been solidified with the reception of the ISO 50001 certification in January 2022, covering all its rigs and Aberdeen support facility. This milestone underscores Stena Drilling’s dedication to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

At the heart of Stena Drilling’s environmental initiatives is the development of an Energy Management System (EnMS) guided by the ISO 50001 standard. This system, developed by an energy team at their Aberdeen headquarters, focuses on assessing impacts of energy use and identifying conservation resources. Each rig has contributed to this effort by formulating their own Energy Efficiency Management Plans (EEMPs), highlighting areas for improvement in energy consumption. The introduction of digital smart meters has enabled real-time monitoring of fuel consumption and emissions, facilitating data-driven decisions to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

To further its commitment to reducing emissions, Stena Drilling has implemented several innovative measures. The installation of new reverse osmosis units on its rigs has significantly reduced boiler fuel consumption, thereby lowering the fleet’s overall fuel consumption and emissions. Moreover, the company’s DrillMAX series drillships have been equipped with software to optimize hydraulic lifting systems, achieving a CO2 reduction of more than 2000 (Te)/year per rig. In addition, the use of variable frequency drives for high load marine cooling pumps and a boost accumulator for the hydraulic ringline system has further contributed to emission reductions. Recognizing the potential of alternative fuels, Stena Drilling has conducted feasibility studies on green methanol, ammonia, and ‘synthetic diesel’ from various sources, which could cut CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

The culmination of Stena Drilling’s efforts is the awarding of DNV’s Abate(P) notation to its Stena DrillMAX drillship, a first for the industry. This classification is a testament to the company’s rigorous monitoring of energy consumption and its successful implementation of operational and technical measures to notably reduce emissions. CEO Erik Rønsberg emphasizes the company’s future-proofing strategy, focusing on environmental performance as a key factor in securing contracts while fulfilling the company’s environmental objectives. Stena Drilling’s initiatives not only set a benchmark for the industry but also highlight the potential for co-investment with clients in fuel-saving technology and exploration of alternative fuels. As Stena Drilling continues to lead by example, its efforts underscore the importance of sustainability in the offshore oil and gas industry. The company’s pioneering work demonstrates that environmental responsibility and economic success can go hand in hand, paving the way for a greener future.

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