The new extra fuel g-prix reaches the Colombian market

The commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly products and technologies are an undeniable reality in different industries and activities of the economy.

In this evolution, the automotive sector has also been working decisively, not only with the high penetration of hybrid and electric models, but also in the various categories that make up this extensive segment.

In this line, Primax has been very committed and – as part of its constant development and innovation processes– this year it has made important launches such as last March with the new Max Pro Diesel fuel, whose main attribute is the reduction it has, 25 percent in polluting emissions, making it one of the fuels that most reduces emissions.

Likewise, it helps save fuel and prevents corrosion inside the engine, allowing it to work more efficiently, prolonging its life and reducing maintenance costs.

And now this marketer is making the official presentation of the new Extra G-Prix, the fuel that brings new and different benefits from those currently on the market, such as better gasoline performance, reduced emissions, improved of power and acceleration, as well as helping the life of the engine.

As proof of the quality of the gasoline offered by Primax, the organization received the ‘TOP TIER’ certification, recognition that was granted thanks to the fact that its fuels have a superior level of engine cleaning capacity, through its fuel control additive. deposits.

Thus, within the new technologies of the main manufacturers and automotive companies that endorse this certification are GM, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Fiat-Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Ford and Navistar.

According to Yuri Proaño, president of Primax Colombia, it should be noted that the ‘TOP TIER’ requires fuels with a high cleaning power and that do not contain metallic additives that are harmful to the engine and the environment.

“The new Extra G-Prix is ​​a great bet for the Colombian market, now with 98 octane (RON), which translates into the possibility of a 3 percent increase in fuel efficiency. In addition, it eliminates deposits and prevents them from being generated, making it possible for the engine’s clean injectors to properly inject the fuel and bring the engine to optimum performance ”, highlights Yuri, who adds that it also helps to save fuel and prevent corrosion inside the engine , allowing your engine to work more efficiently, prolonging its life and reducing maintenance costs.

The new fuel is endorsed by high-quality institutions such as the National University of Colombia, in the Bogotá headquarters of the engine laboratory, and in laboratories in the United States (mainly in Cleveland), where numerous tests were carried out on the new Extra G -Prix and the results showed that this fuel becomes a strong competitor in the market.

“The fuel is already available in all the plants in the country; we are talking that the new Extra G-Prix is ​​also available at Primax Service Stations nationwide that sell Extra gasoline”.

At Primax they affirm that the excellent quality of this product is thanks to a business strategy focused on knowing the perception of the Colombian consumer, while the name has a Formula 1 connotation and is strongly related to quality.

Thus, its name was adapted according to Primax Peru and Ecuador, since in each of these countries it is the gasoline with the highest performance. In Peru it is called G-Prix and in Ecuador Super G-Prix.

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