VesselsValue rolls out energy efficiency rating tool

UK-based online pricing platform VesselsValue has joined the likes of RightShip, Clarksons, Scope Group, and Metis Cyberspace Technology, to name a few, in launching its own dedicated tool that allows users to access, customise, and compare vessels’ energy efficiency ratings.

This latest feature is said to combine VesselsValue’s shipping data with the IMO’s framework to calculate the energy efficiency score for an individual vessel, whether existing (EEXI) or a newbuild (EEDI). VesselsValue explained that it is available across bulkers, tankers and containers, with the flexibility to customise inputs to recalculate a vessel’s EEDI or EEXI score and compare ratings across fleets.

In addition to energy efficiency ratings, VesselsValue noted that users can, amongst other things, search and filter by ‘green’ vessel specifications including engine, propulsion and fuel type, hull design, energy saving devices, view and analyse offshore renewable projects and ECAs, as well as track specific vessel activity within these.

Commenting on the launch, Tom Evans, chief operating officer at VesselsValue, said: “As the world moves towards decarbonisation, our energy efficiency ratings provide a transparent, automated and accurate measure of how green a vessel is. This product, when combined with our 8 Tier Ownership and Transactions databases, enables users to aggregate and compare energy efficiency across multiple fleets, geographies, trades or portfolios.”

According to VesselsValue, only 21.7% of vessels accros bulker, tanker and container segments currently stand to comply with EEDI/EEXI regulations. Bulkers are the least compliant vessels, followed by containers and then tankers, the latter of which have the highest levels of compliance.

Source: Splash247

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