WinGD, Mitsubishi design ammonia fuel supply system

The system includes a fuel valve unit, fuel conditioning and piping, as well as an ammonia catching system and other purging and venting safety features.

The design is the result of a partnership between the companies announced last year and will now move to the detailed design phase. In a press release, the partners said this will ensure that “ammonia capability is available to ocean going vessel operators ahead of regulatory requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The partnership will see WinGD develop its X-DF-A ammonia-fuelled engines for a range of vessel sizes, providing Mitsubishi with specifications for auxiliaries and installation. Mitsubishi will design vessels and set performance parameters for the engines as well as further developing the ammonia fuel supply system.

Tags: Amoonia, Fuel Supply, Mitsubishi, WinGD, X-DF-A
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