ABS to initiate study on adoption of advanced nuclear propulsion for ships

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded class society ABS a contract to research barriers to the adoption of advanced nuclear propulsion on commercial vessels.

The $800,000 research project will address challenges to adopting new reactor technology in commercial maritime applications at a time where a host of companies around the world are looking to commercialise atomic propulsion.

ABS will develop models of different advanced reactor technologies for maritime applications and develop an industry advisory on the commercial use of modern nuclear power.

Support will be provided by the Department of Energy’s National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC), based at Idaho National Laboratory. NRIC will provide the advanced reactor framework to help propose how a maritime nuclear demonstration could take place.

In a separate, smaller award, the DOE has also contracted ABS to support research into molten salt reactors being carried out by the University of Texas.

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