Hanwha Ocean invests into ammonia technology with Amogy

Korean shipbuilder Hanwha Ocean has partnered with sibling company Hanwha Aerospace to use technology from ammonia-to-power business Amogy in a fuel cell system to power ships with ammonia.

The shipbuilding company will use Amogy’s technology for ammonia-powered vessels as part of its drive to support sustainable shipping solutions.

The contract will see Hanwha Ocean, part of the Hanwha Group, use Amogy’s ammonia cracking technology alongside Hanwha Aerospace’s hydrogen fuel cell system to power zero-emission ships in the future.

The partnership comes just over a month after technology and mining company Fortescue completed the first use of ammonia as a shipping fuel in March, conducting a test of its Fortescue Green Pioneer ship in the Port of Singapore.

While ammonia can be used as a fuel in a few different forms, Amogy’s ammonia cracking solution is designed for direct fuel cell integration by ensuring that no trace amounts of ammonia make it into the referment stream.

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