Ramprasad Ravi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Maritime Gateway & Future Fuels

Ramprasad has been in media industry for more than four decades now. He has been associated with some of the leading print, electronic and Internet media building news networks and launching publications.

He launched the first-ever shipping and logistics magazine Maritime Gateway fourteen years ago. With sectorial news, policy issues, market trends, analytical reports Maritime Gateway became not only the largest circulated magazine in India, but also in South Asia, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia. The YouTube channel of Maritime Gateway presents interviews with industry experts under ‘Digital Dialogues’ and daily newsletter ‘Maritime Insights’ our online newsletter reaches 12000 readers everyday with the latest updates.

Globally Governments and businesses are struggling to deal with decarbonisation regulations and deadlines. To bridge the information gap in this new domain, with same vigour and spirit he has launched another magazine Future Fuels, which focuses on the latest happenings in alternate fuels along with industry insights and market analysis. He is known for his persistent efforts to make issues of maritime and shipping industry are heard by policy makers. He is also an avid reader, globetrotter and by invitation he has visited many ports and harbours across the world and written articles.