NueGo electric includes Delhi-Shimla route on operating list

In a move to expand the operating route and expand the business model, Greenwell Mobility’s electric bus service brand has added the Delhi-Shimla route to the operating list.

It has been informed by the brand that the route will operated under the NueGo bus service, providing a seamless travel experience to the passengers in the region.

It has been informed by the company that all the commuters will have an exceptional journey on the newly added route. They will be treated with clean seats, disinfected tissues, and water bottles. All the passengers will have a comfortable journey on the route in a fully air-conditioned bus.

On the safety front, the bus is equipped with multiple CCTV cameras, driver monitoring systems, a driver breath analyzer and a speed alert, which prevents the bus from moving fast on roads or highways. 

Tags: Electric Bus, Greenwell Mobility, NueGo
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