Shipping community in Europe getting ready for ETS ruling

As the negotiations on the revision of the European Union (EU) emission trading scheme (ETS) enter their final stretch, European shipowners, ports, the cruise and ferry sectors, shipyards and equipment manufacturers, fuel suppliers, shippers, forwarders, port operators, shipmanagers and the European maritime clusters have called on the European Parliament and the Council to earmark the revenues generated from the inclusion of the shipping sector in the EU ETS for the maritime sector.

The signatories call on regulators to support mandatory calls dedicated to the maritime sector in the innovation fund and the funding of these calls through the EU ETS revenues coming from the shipping sector.

The ETS must reflect the whole climate footprint of emissions from fuels to be a truly green regulation, according to Danish Shipping in a separate open letter to EU’s decision-makers co-signed by organisations from both the energy and shipping sector including the Methanol Institute, World Shipping Council, Swedish Shipowners’ Association, Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners, and the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition.

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