Banle Energy takes part in Tata Steel B24 bio bunker fuel voyage

Banle Energy International Limited, a Hong Kong subsidiary of the Banle Group said it participated in the successful full-laden leg voyage from Gladstone to Paradip undertaken by Tata Steel Group (Tata Steel).

The voyage was completed through a collaborative effort, with a 1,000 metric tonnes (mt) B24 biofuel supply provided in partnership with Cargill International SA and China Shipping & Sinopec Suppliers Company Limited (Sinobunker). The B24 biofuel bunkering service of cape vessel MV Cape XL was conducted on 15 March at a port in Guangzhou, China.

Tata Steel is a steel producer, with operations and commercial presence across the globe, while Cargill is a global company specialising in sustainable food ingredients, agricultural solutions, and industrial products.

In a separate statement, Tata Steel said it became the first Indian steel company to undertake a full-laden leg voyage from East Coast Australia to India, powered by a B24 biofuel blend with VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil).

On 17 April, MV Cape XL departed from Gladstone port after loading coal. It successfully berthed at Kalinga International Coal Terminal Paradip Private Ltd. (KICTPPL) port on 8 May 8 to discharge 1,48,500 mt of coal.

During its laden leg from Gladstone to Paradip, MV Cape XL used B24-grade biofuel which was loaded from its ballast port in Guangzhou, China.

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