DIMATE’s tech to enhance inspection processes

Software technology company DIMATE is making its way into the clean energy services industry, including carbon capture and hydrogen, with its PACS (picture archiving and communication system) solution for end-to-end digitization of test processes on safety-relevant components with integration into customer-specific inspection processes.

According to DIMATE, PACS is a necessary building block for on-stream inspection in hydrogen production, transport and utilization, as well as for all other energy plants with fossil or renewable energy sources.

PACS’ goal is to become a paperless inspection, Ibrahim said, adding that the system follows two approaches: 1. digital storage, viewing and retrieval of all NDT test data in just one system, and 2. integration of NDT test procedures into a fully digital inspection process.

Benefits of a fully digital inspection process include increased process transparency and enhanced data accuracy, as well as better time efficiency, Ibrahim stated, claiming that two days can be saved for every shutdown or turnaround.

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