New biofuel plant to open in Northern Ireland in 2024

In the UK, News Letter reported that a $11.4 million plant making sustainable fuels using patented technology developed in collaboration with NASA will open in Northern Ireland in 2024.

Renovare Fuels’ site will see close to 2 million liters of advanced renewable biofuels produced each year, made from the biogas produced by landfill waste, according to the report. The firm’s latest investment is being developed alongside Northern Ireland renewable energy operator, B9 Energy Control Limited, and UK biogas experts Powerhouse Management, the report added.

Developed in the United States, in collaboration with sister company T2C Energy; NASA; and the US Department of Energy, the biofuel can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97%. The report added that Renovare Fuels will supply UK-based fuel distributors and multinational petrochemical and airline companies.

Tags: Biofuel, NASA, Northern ireland
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